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Portable Capstan Winch - PCW5000

  • Portable, lightweight winch weighs only 35 lbs. Carry it in places where heavy machinery can't fit.
  • Powered by a reliable Honda GXH50 cc 4-stroke gas engine.
  • Bring down hung up trees with the PCW5000.
  • Move heavy rocks safely in hard-to-access areas.
  • PCW5000-FK Forestry Kit. Perfect for foresters.
  • PCW5000-HK Hunting Kit. Perfect for hunters.
  • PCW5000-MK Multi-Purpose Kit. Perfect for general purpose tasks.
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Product Description

If you ever need to pull heavy objects and just don't have the man power to do it, you can depend on the PCW5000 Portable Gas Powered Winch to get the job done.

This transportable pulling system is used to provide assistance for you or a small man crew when pulling or hauling around heavy objects. Its incredible 2200 lb. pulling power will help you pull heavy logs, pull vehicles stuck in the mud, bring down hung-up trees, or haul around heavy animal carcass out of the water.

Make sure you fasten the winch to a solid object, like a tree, solid post, or the hitch of your vehicle using the included 6' Polyester Sling. You will require a Double Braided Polyester Rope for the object you need pulled. Ropes are sold separately and different lengths are available for your pulling needs.

The Portable Winch is powered by a long lasting Honda GXH50 4-stroke gas engine, which provides supreme performance and reliability in heavy-duty applications. Compared to electric winches, this one is up to 4 times faster, providing the user with two speed options. The included capstan drum is 2 1/4" in diameter and allows the winch to pull up to 40' a minute. Upgrading your capstan drum to the optional PCA-1100 (not included), which is a larger 3 3/8" in diameter, increases your pulling speed to 60' a minute.

Weighing approximately 35 lbs., the PCW5000 is very lightweight. This allows you to carry it in locations where heavy machinery cannot reach or is just too awkward to fit in.

Some applications the PCW5000 Portable Winch is used in include industrial, forestry, hunting, vehicle and boating, search and rescue, and more.


  • Dimensions: 14 5/8" length x 14 3/8" width x 14 3/8" height
  • Max. Pulling Force: 2200 lbs. (1000 kg)
  • Pulling Speed: 40'/min with included capstan drum (upgrading to the PCA-1100 will increase pulling speed to 60'/min)
  • Powered by a Honda GXH50 cc 4-stroke gas engine
  • Gear Ratio: 110:1
  • CE Certified
  • Not intended for lifting operations, just for pulling
  • Includes 6' Polyester Sling (PCA-1260)
  • Weight: 35 lbs.


Other Portable Winch PCW5000 options are available to suit all of your pulling needs. We offer the PCW5000 on its own or as part of a specially put-together kit designed for specific tasks:


PCW5000-FK Forestry Kit for forestry applications. Helps foresters pull heavy objects in the woods and includes:

  • Portable Winch (PCW5000)
  • Double Braided Polyester Rope 1/2" diameter x 164' length (PCA-1215M)
  • Small Rope Bag (PCA-1255)
  • Polyester Sling (PCA-1259)
  • Stainless Steel Swing Side Snatch Block (PCA-1274)
  • (2) Steel Oval Locking Carabiners (PCA-1276)
  • Grab Hook (PCA-1282)
  • Skidding Cone (PCA-1290)
  • Choker Chain (PCA-1295)


PCW5000-HK Hunting Kit for hunting applications. Helps hunters pull heavy game and animal carcass effortlessly and includes:

  • Portable Winch (PCW5000)
  • Transport Case (PCA-0100)
  • Double Braided Polyester Rope 1/2" diameter x 328' length (PCA-1213M)
  • Medium Rope Bag (PCA-1256)
  • (2) Polyester Slings (PCA-1259)
  • Hitch Plate Winch Anchor (PCA-1261)
  • (2) Stainless Steel Swing Side Snatch Blocks (PCA-1274)
  • (4) Steel Oval Locking Carabiners (PCA-1276)
  • Safety Hook with Latch (PCA-1281)
  • Grab Hook (PCA-1282)
  • HPPE Rope Choker (PCA-1372)


PCW5000-MK Multi-Purpose Kit for a multitude of general purpose tasks includes:

  • Portable Winch (PCW5000)
  • Padded Waterproof Case (PCA-0340)
  • Capstan Drum (PCA-1100)
  • Double Braided Polyester Rope 1/2" diameter x 328' length (PCA-1213M)
  • Medium Rope Bag (PCA-1256)
  • Polyester Sling (PCA-1259)
  • Hitch Plate Winch Anchor (PCA-1261)
  • Stainless Steel Swing Side Snatch Block (PCA-1274)
  • (2) Steel Oval Locking Carabiners (PCA-1276)
  • Safety Hook with Latch (PCA-1281)
  • Grab Hook (PCA-1282)
  • Choker Chain (PCA-1295)
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Product Reviews

  1. Winch Away! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2016

    I bought this winch to use in non-traditional ways. It's very difficult to get winching equipment into remote settings that can pull dozens of tons. This winch can not do that either, BUT, when incorporated with rope pulling on one side of multiple wire rope double snatch block array, one can get up to 8000 lbs of pull from the ropes, and send that through 4 parts of wire rope cable in a double snatch block array, then you could have 16 tons of force at hand. I tested it out on heavy logs and it runs great. It's a major tool, not to be without! Thank you!

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