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Tree Watering Spikes - Case of 10

  • These 14" long spikes send water to the root zone of small trees and shrubs. Comes in a 10 pack.
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Product Description

Tree Watering Spikes are an innovative tool used for quickly and efficiently getting water to the root zone of trees and shrubs.

Just place the spikes / stakes in a hole beside a tree or shrub, 14" deep in the ground. There is only one stake length to choose from: 14" length intended for small shallow-rooted trees and shrubs, rose bushes, or ornamental trees. 

The Tree Watering Stakes can be used with your garden hose, drip irrigation system, and flood irrigation. They also can be used with water-soluble fertilizers. Pour fertilizer in the shaft and once water flows through, so do essential nutrients from the fertilizer. Another benefit of these tree watering devices is they provide aeration to the trees, allowing oxygen to easily flow down through the spikes to the root zone, promoting healthy growth.

The watering stakes are made with thick PVC and recyclable ABS plastic. Its UV protected cap acts as a protective and reinforced cover when pounding the stake into the ground. The cap is designed to take a pounding with a sledgehammer – literally – and can be installed in the hardest of soils. The cap also prevents leaves and rocks from entering the shaft and holds the 1/4" drip line securely in place, while protecting the emitter head from squirrels and other animal tampering.

14" Length Spike

  • Intended for small trees and shrubs with shallow roots, rose bushes, and ornamental trees.


  • Comes in a 10 pack of 14" long Tree Watering Spikes
  • Construction: Thick PVC and recyclable ABS plastic
  • UV-protected cap
  • Can be used with your drip irrigation system, garden hose, or flood irrigation
  • Can be used with water-soluble fertilizers
  • Can be placed in a hole when planting a new tree
  • Insert the spike low enough so it won't get hit with a lawn mower
  • Water flows out and dirt will not enter, since the holes along the bottom half of the stake have a mesh filter
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